“Why Do People Lie?”

I grabbed my phone at 3:47 am on June 21, 2022 after I woke up to use the restroom. On my way to the restroom, I hear in my mind, “Why LIE”? It’s 3:45 am and I’m like; why lie?

And then I hear, “Letting Insecurities Erupt”.

One of the main reasons people feel the need to lie is to hide an insecurity one has about a particular issue or area. It’s easier to lie about it than to face the reality of it to either yourself or another person, persons, or a group of people. 

Think about something you have lied to someone about before or in many cases right now. Why did you do it? What was the insecurity behind it? People who are very arrogant and proud will argue that they are not insecure, but if you peel back those layers, something is brewing underneath. 

Insecurity can be defined as a state or feeling of anxiety, fear, or self-doubt. It can also be defined as a lack of dependability or certainty, or a lack of safety or protection.

If you were to dig real deep, you will find one of these areas needing some massaging and work. What was the anxiety behind that thing?  What was the uneasiness or nervousness you felt about it? Where did you doubt yourself in that situation and placed that on another person or situation without any truth or evidence to support it? What was causing you mental distress or concern about the issue? What doubt or fears do you or did you have about the situation that may or may not have directly involved or been caused by the person or persons you lied to? What is it? Who or what are you unsure about? Who or what has let you down in times past? What causes you to feel unsafe or unprotected in that situation?What are you afraid of? What is the unpleasant emotion you are having or have had about that thing? What is your concern? What is your reason for alarm? What danger do you feel or felt about this thing? What is the root issue of the lie?

When a person can get to the root cause and deal with that, insecurities will dissipate and lying will cease? 

Think about why the enemy or evil one lies to people every single day? Why are lies planted in the thought life of people? Most times if people knew their true power and gifts, they would be slapping the devil around every second. When people try to demean and tear people down, it’s because they are fearful of the power of choice to decide and move freely when facts and truth are known. 

The next time you may be tempted to lie or just decide to out right lie, use these questions as a guide and checklist to evaluate the issue deeper. 

And with this evaluation, I pray you find the answers and resolve you need to live a life of peace and truth all of your days. 

One of the worse things you can do to self is lie in order to pursue, obtain, or maintain friendships or relationships, because you will need to lie to keep and maintain them. Start out on a clean slate and when things become tempting, ask yourself, is it worth your integrity? Is it worth the hurt, pain, disappointment, or anger that it causes others or yourself or is it worth what it will cause to others and self when the truth is discovered? It is really worth it? 

And if you say yes to any of these, well you may want to go back through the checklist of questions and start all over because an insecurity is buried somewhere.

Why LIE? 

People lie because there is an insecurity or insecurities brewing somewhere and the longer it goes unchecked, the longer it causes inner turmoil and distress. 

Be free today. 

Set others free today with the truth and allow them to decide based on truth and not what you want it to be. 

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See you on the other side of truth.

Believe In Yourself and Happy Teacher’s Appreciation Week

It’s 2:05 am and I just did 2 miles on the treadmill. When I finished, I called my mom. She said her heart was pounding when the phone rang because I have not called her this late in a while. I said, “I just came from downstairs on the treadmill and I knew you would be up since you’re at work”.  After hearing my voice and talking to me, she knew I was ok and I just wanted to talk. Sometimes hearing her voice just calms me and reassures me that no matter what happens, I have one person who always has my back and who always believes in me. 

I said, “Ma I used to call you late like this all the time when I was still teaching. I would take naps and then wake up later to do work for my business”. She said, “I don’t remember that”. I said, “Ok, well if I call again late, don’t let your heart start pounding”. She agreed.

This week is Teacher’s Appreciation Week and Janael wished me a Happy Teacher’s Appreciation Week today; well Monday. I am building out her curriculum and it’s amazing. We have the standards aligned to the curriculum taught in schools and we have included many different strategies to reach children. Not sure if you knew but vocabulary acquisition is one the best and most proven ways to increase reading comprehension with students. 

This was Janael at her book signing last February in a local mall in Maryland. It was amazing. She was referred to me by her cousin from some work I did with another client on her children’s book but it was for editing and a consultation. So when Janael came to me, I told her I did not do children’s books. But she said she wanted me to do hers and she took a chance on me as my first one and it turned out much better than I could have imagined. Since then, I have had other children book clients.

But this email is not about that. This email is to say BELIEVE IN YOURSELF no matter what.

It was a year ago last year when I was praying and fasting when the Lord told me to resign my teaching position. It was the first day of Teacher’s Appreciation Week. I was so excited and hurriedly obeyed. One year later, I do not regret it at all. 

I will say my actual last day of work was so hard. The last two weeks leading up to it were extremely hard. I was crying and everything. For 16 years, my identity had been locked into being a teacher and now I was transitioning out to do something else yet similar. It was hard. I mean real hard. I even had therapy sessions about it. And my therapist always tells me, grief is not something that occurs when someone dies. 

The last four months of my life have taken a turn I didn’t see coming. From mourning one of the most important people in my life, to losing my maternal grandmother days after that, to seeing how people really value and see me when it comes to business, to seeing how many people who once said they were happy for me to turn out to be some of the most envious and jealous people because I believe in myself to actually do what I said I would and not just talk about it, has been enlightening. Hurtful at times but very enlightening.

No matter what, no matter who does not, BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. Refine your mind to believe in yourself. I will share more of my journey to becoming a full time entrepreneur in my next blog.

I actually typed a blog on Saturday when I had a flat tire and totally lost it, but I will post that some time soon. It’s good too because while it was about a flat tire, it really wasn’t about a flat tire.

So Happy Teacher’s Appreciation Week to all the parents who are your child’s first teacher and to all of my colleagues from across the world who are teaching and educating this now and next generation, Happy Teacher’s Appreciation Week. 

We are still going to do the World Changers Anthology for those who want to share your experience of changing lives as a teacher. Stay tuned for the next enrollment of that. 

Love you guys today. 

And please BELIEVE IN YOURSELF above all. 

And if you’re looking for me online, I only have my youtube channel up.

I will blog again soon.


Granny Took Her Rest In The Hands of The Lord

On behalf of the Turner family, I want to personally say thank you. Thank you for every text. Thank you for every call. Thank you for every card. Thank you for every message. Thank you for every prayer. Thank you for every gift. Thank you for every seed. Thank you for every flower. Thank you for every act of service. Thank you for every visit to my grandmother. Thank you for every conversation. Thank you for your visits, kindness, service, and love shown towards my mom, my aunts, my uncles, my brothers, my cousins, to me, and to my entire family. 

For those of you that are connected to me in any way who didn’t know, no worries. January was a very overwhelming month for me, but I’m still standing and will keep standing. Your on-going prayers for peace in all things are welcomed for me and my family. 

Writing has always been a type of healthy expression for me, so while I continue this grieving and mourning journey personally for many reasons, I’ll continue to do so privately and when I feel led, I will share certain things on social media or with those close to me. 

Never assume that people don’t have anyone to talk to so they turn to social media for pity, attention, or any other reasons. My real friends know my status before I ever post things that I share with them.

I have a very public business and ministry, while I have a very private personal life. I tell many things I’ve been through in the form of written testimonies or verbal speeches or messages. As long as I have breath, no one will be able to tell any parts of my story for me. I don’t share prematurely but I tell it when I’m ready. 

My writing is part of my teaching.

Don’t allow people to pressure you to share something you’re not ready for, and my gosh, please don’t be so quick to tell the stories of other people while you sit on your own. 

As it relates to my family and grandmother, we could weigh what everyone has done on a scale to measure the depth of it, but it’s all appreciated. So whatever you have done over the years for my grandmother and my family, thank you. Even those things people may find insignificant or may not even know about, thank you. It takes a village to care for the village so thank you to the village.

My grandmother lived a lengthy life (not as long as we liked) but whatever you have done to contribute to her 84 years, thank you. When someone dies, no matter how old or young they are, you still wish they were here. I keep saying “Granny checked out of here” in disbelief. Many times throughout the years, it didn’t look good but this time, she really left. 

When you think of any of my family, especially her children, when you can, let them know it is well. Send a kind word or just show up and say I was thinking of you. This is not for the faint of heart. 

Some of you have already experienced losing a parent, especially a mother. I don’t know what can be said or done to soothe a hurting heart from this type of loss, but if you know, please let me know. 

It doesn’t feel well right now, but let them know it is well with my granny’s soul. For sure, I can cash that in the heavenly reserve. 

We solidified and made sure of that January 9, 2022. And right after that, she said to me, “Come here, y’all come here, I’m saying goodbye”. I said goodbye? She said “Yes” and I asked “Where you going grandma?” In her most assured and absolute mind, she said, “I’m going to Rest In Peace”. And then granny said, “Hold my hand”. So one of my last joys with her is she knew she was going to take her rest and she was ready to say goodbye. 

Click This Link To Hear The Short Audio https://vm.tiktok.com/TTPdB5TTTR/

Grief does not start or stop at the grave. Mine intensified this day.

She was well loved and will be missed by so many. As we continue to live through this, some things will never be the same but we can look forward to all the new things that will be discovered.

Death is an appointment and then there is judgment. May we all be ready to sit in that judgment seat when our appointment comes. 

In my 40 years of life, I’m learning that death hurts even the more when the people that you love are hurting much more than you. Pray for your family and friends.

I will continue to fish for people. Two were won in January. And while these two hurt more than I can articulate, heaven rejoiced!

The hand of the Lord was placed in my heart the last day I was able to have a conversation with my grandma on January 9, 2022. When I saw her again on January 25, 2021, she was not able to have a conversation with me, but I knew it was well with her soul.

On January 26, 2022, before I left my granny’s house, I went into her room and just reminded her that it was well with her soul. She was trying to respond to me but I couldn’t understand what she was saying. I just told her it was ok and then I reached for her hand. That same hand was warm and soft and it was being prepared to leave this earth.

There will be times when you want to reach out to someone and they will not be there. There will be times when you desire to reach for things that will fill the void but none will help. I encourage you to simply reach for the hand of God.

And this applies to those who are still living that you no longer communicate or talk to.

A special shout out to my Grief Teacher, Dr. La-Renda Jones for giving me work to do in order to work through these losses. Writing this has helped me and I thank you.

The Hand of the Lord 

About The Poem: On January 27, 2022 @ 5:55 AM EST, I penned this poem. I had woken up earlier and there was a strong word about my grandmother. The exact words are below. 

The hand of the Lord will come and get Jessie Mae Turner on January 28, 2022 @ 1:22 PM EST. The chariots are waiting. The horses are coming. The gates will be open. We will receive her. The hand of the Lord is coming to get Jessie Turner.

Around 9:14 PM EST, Thursday January 27, 2022, the chariots came and picked my granny up. I was on the treadmill when I received the text from my Aunt Shelia around 10:15ish PM or so when I received the word.

The hand of the Lord holds.

The hand of the Lord heals.

The hand of the Lord comforts.

The hand of the Lord strengthens. 

The hand of the Lord helps. 

The hand of the Lord lifts. 

The hand of the Lord guides. 

The hand of the Lord leads.

The hand of the Lord shields. 

The hand of the Lord protects.

The hand of the Lord unites.

The hand of the Lord speaks.

The hand of the Lord mends. 

The hand of the Lord gives. 

The hand of the Lord tightens. 

The hand of the Lord catches. 

The hand of the Lord instructs.

The hand of the Lord deposits. 

The hand of the Lord exchanges.

The hand of the Lord covers. 

The hand of the Lord settles. 

The hand of the Lord satisfies. 

The hand of the Lord provides. 

The hand of the Lord destroys.

The hand of the Lord is powerful.

The hand of the Lord is strong. 

The hand of the Lord  is upon your head. 

The hand of the Lord is waiting for you to grab hold.

The hand of the Lord makes a difference in your life.

Grab a hold to the hand of the Lord and please don’t let it go.

The hand of the Lord is waiting for you.

Oh, don’t take this poem and use it as your own; we copyrighting this. Love y’all. Told you, I am still teaching in my writing.

10 Ways To Set Your Week Up For Success

  1. Write out what needs to be done this week. Everything else suggested are things that you can include in your “get it done for the week” list. It may be a carry over from last week, last month, or last year. Just get it done. It saves you on time planning and you are able to knock out things one by one. Use my MSOX Method to help you. I did a live show about that months ago on my Student Teacher Page and also on twitter. The link is below and It was called “Overcoming Procrastination” https://twitter.com/SimeneWalden/status/1441535808419233798?s=20
  1. Start your days off by speaking how you want your day to go and then execute on it to make sure it happens. Things you can’t control, well don’t consume yourself with them because you can’t control them. One of the things that you can declare every day is “I can’t control everything and I will not let what I can’t control to consume me”. 
  1. Keep your prayer life as your number one weapon of mass destruction. Declare, “It will come to pass”. Whatever that is, that you don’t want to stay, “it is come to pass” and whatever you are waiting on to happen, “it will come to pass”. 
  1. Be intentional about your relationships and let those that you love and care about know you love and care about them. Cultivate your relationships. (Sending a quick or not so quick text, email, or call to check in and catch up is always good). Send “I love you” to 3-5 people and watch how it makes you feel when you get that “I love you too” or “I love you more back”. If people are long winded, just let them know you don’t have much time but if the conversation just flows, then you know it was meant. When you hit a dry spot with people who ain’t talking about nothing, well just slide on off that phone. Some people be straight dry sounding and talking on the phone and I am like, “This was a text call”. 
  1. Write down three people you can simply send a quick message to and let them know you were thinking of them and wanted to check on them. Don’t reach out because you want something but reach out to genuine check on them. Watch how that comes back to you. Being a light to others can bring satisfaction to your heart like no other. 
  1. Revisit your calendar or any dates that you have for the week to make sure you don’t miss anything.
  1. Any appointments that need to be done, call and schedule them at the top of the week. Have your calendar in front of you so you have dates and times available to lock it in.
  1. Be sure you are daily reading something that keeps your faith intact and your soul kept. My #1 choice of reading is the bible along with other books on relationships, grief, business, marketing, speaking, and travel. What is the article and book you will read this week?
  1. Plan out some meals for the week. From time to time I may find a recipe to try but I am always down for a good restaurant to swipe my card. 
  1. Plan how much time you will spend on social media because it can become time consuming. After that time is up, resume other meaningful tasks.


  1. Whatever emotions you feel for the day, feel them. Don’t get stuck in them but feel them and process them. In 2022, let’s healthily express what’s going on and don’t hold them in. Everyone may not understand but you know what you are feeling. Let it out and find healthy ways to express it. (Drawing, journaling, writing, screaming, exercising, being with your spouse, listening to music, crying, laughing, sleeping, or coloring are healthy alternatives).
  2. If you are looking to travel, Tuesday is always a great day to book flights that are more reasonably priced. 
  3. Do one thing everyday that brings you joy. (For me, laughing is essential so I have to watch a few funny videos, youtube, or something).
  4. Don’t forget to get some exercise in. I am back on my walking journey.

Let me know your thoughts on this list and what else do you do to set your week up for success.

Enjoy Your Life! Please don’t be a slave to the life someone else thinks you should live. 

I hang out, break bread, social media connect, and communicate with a lot of individuals, but I’m like the person I spend the most time with, ME. 

Not one person can tell you who Simene’ is to the core because not one person gets all of me. I don’t think people can even handle all of who we are as individuals. Some would be too amazed by the highs and some would be too distracted by the lows. 

The same way my life is written in volumes of books, it’s gonna take volumes of people to really give you the full scope of who God made me. So if you read something, see something posted, or see me doing something new, it’s just another facet of who I am. 

Each social media platform I post to is a great example. Twitter has different things, LinkedIn might get something different, IG gets things, my Tik Tok is a whole different vibe, and my personal and business pages on Facebook have different vibes. I am usually live stream on The Student Teacher Page.

I don’t expect you to follow me on all of them, just whichever one you relate to the most. All of them are giving and all of them display a different facet of me. 

There are a few who stay connected to me through social media because they know that’s as close to me as they will ever get or get to me again.

I am like ME; not the people I talk to or am around.

I am like ME and I do what I enjoy and what aligns with my life.

Do I have commonalities with my people? Of course, but I am only aiming to be ME. 

If more people did what they enjoyed, perhaps so many others would not feel like they were wrong for liking the nouns -forever a reading teacher- (people, places, and things) they enjoy. 

Moral of the story: Enjoy your life and live on the terms God has given you. Everything you don’t understand, go back to Him and ask for clarify and the things you were disobedient or non-compliant in, ask for help and forgiveness. 

Double Moral of the story: Enjoy your life. Please don’t be a slave to the life someone else thinks you should live. 

I was up early early reading my notes from Kneelology that I attended back in December in Atlanta. The founder’s name is Tonthalell Walters. This was us and her friend who also taught from a Holy Ghost High Level that night. The next one is in St.Louis April 2, 3, 2022. Check it out here. https://kneeology.live/hiiit/

I plan to be in Chicago for the conference in June.

Key points for me this morning I want to pass on to you.

-It’s supernatural to worship God in pain because pain will shut you up. 

-Wailing is a tool that transforms death and barrenness to life and fruitfulness. 

-God can put a cry in you so much that it will wake up your future. 

-I might be crying but I am not going to fail.

-Tears have a supernatural way of cleansing and cleaning us under the pressure of our pain.

-Engage with the Word. God’s thoughts are no good to us if we don’t know them. 

-Master the subject of the Word for yourself. 

-My character will determine the outcome of my pain because I decide before I decide. 

So please, whatever you do, enjoy your life.

I’ll leave you with a little word that I ruminated on this morning too. 

Ruth 4:17-22 (My takeaway, be careful who you begat). 

Jeremiah 9: 24 (My takeaway, I will glory in understanding and knowing God, knowing He exercises lovingkindness, judgement, and righteousness.

Mark 4: 3 (My takeaway, someone is going to break their alabaster box on my head today). 

Whatever you are going through, I pray God send you arm lifters. And whenever someone is going through something and you don’t know about it, don’t feel bad, just pray for them if you do find out. People process things differently and writing has always been another form of therapy for me.

Until the next time, enjoy your life.

Meet “The Tatted Author” Mr. Demeco Lamont Richardson

Full Magazine Spread Coming January 2022 Featuring Demeco Richardson

Who is Demeco Richardson?

Demeco Richardson is an ex-drug dealer and former gang member who has changed his life and is continuing to change his life after countless times of incarceration. He is dedicated to helping the youth and sharing his story. He will soon be a Motivational and Mentoring Coach, Gang Prevention Specialist, and Author. Demeco is a son, brother, nephew, grandson, friend, and most importantly, a father to one beautiful daughter and one handsome son. He is a native of Baltimore, Maryland, but resided in North Carolina for many years, and is patiently waiting his release from the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

When conversating with Demeco by video chat on December 30, 2021, he shared what he desired to do when he was released?

Is money most important?

Sometimes it’s never about the money. It’s about the calling and getting yourself out there. Sometimes, it’s about the schools and putting other people in position.

What do you want people to know about you now?

I am trying to do it a different way now. I will have to accept situations and take projects that I would have never considered before. It’s not because of the paper, but it puts spotlight on other people that might help someone else. Sometimes we just have to help others. It may seem like we do a lot for other people and not so much for ourselves, but it comes back.

What can you expect from Demeco in 2022?

As soon as he is able to send off his manuscript to the book he started a few years back, it will be completed and that should be a Winter Release in early 2022. Read the preface to the book “I Will Live & Not Die” that was started back in 2017 below.


How does the life of a Muslim man from Baltimore, Maryland who is currently serving a 17 ½ year federal prison sentence intercept with the life of a Christian woman from North Carolina who currently resides in Maryland? How can two people who have lived two totally different lives come together to write a masterpiece of a manuscript? How did that intersection crossing of their lives allow them to write a book that empowers, encourages, uplifts, and inspires young, old, and mature males that they can make it regardless of the sentences that have been written about them or the circumstances that surround their lives?

Throughout Richardson’s and Walden’s lives, they have both faced tough obstacles and challenges, yet through their faith and belief in God, they have overcome some of the worst of times. From Demeco’s life of dope dealing, gang affiliation, criminal activity, and time served in prison and jail, to Simene’s life of sexual violation, alcohol and drug use, same sex intimate partner abuse, promiscuity, lying, cheating, and stealing, they have both overcame and are better because of it. 

Written on these pages are not words of a con-artist, but words and deeds of two individuals who are surviving, and in many cases thriving, while maintaining their sanity and soundness of mind. The magnitude, reach, and impact of this book proves that every struggle, pain, disappointment, mistake, and bad decision has been worth it.  When pen met paper to write these words of encouragement, counsel, and wisdom, we knew it was going to be something special. For every person who reads this book and applies the knowledge shared, we are confident that you will be transformed by the power of your thinking and have a renewed mindset.

Note To All Readers: Don’t be so quick to write people off and throw them away. Don’t get so caught up in the look or appearance of someone to determine their worth and value. God judges our hearts. We are not our past mistakes and pain. You can rewrite your own story. Do the necessary work needed. We will never be able to edit or photoshop our past but we can surely write a new story. Hand God the pen and watch the masterpiece He creates with you.

I know the only inmates and prisoners some like to read about is Paul and Silas, but look out, God has another soldier, and his name is Demeco Lamont Richardson. You will soon know about him.

Watch A Clip of The Conversation Live by Clicking the Link Below

20 Signs To Know If You Are Good For Someone

Meet Mavis A. Creagh.

I spent a few days in Mississippi visiting her during the weekend of December 10, 2021. God encouraged me to go meet her to simply cultivate a sisterhood. I had only known her from Facebook and then she became a co-author in my latest book project “The Heart of a Leader”. Outside of working with her, we starting to talk more and I wanted to meet her in real life. I did and the way God aligned things up blessed us both. When I returned home, I reflected on all the people who are in my life now and these are the characteristics that have been proven to work.

I pray you will find people who genuine like you, who don’t judge or assume anything about you, but who genuinely want the best for you.

  1. You can be around them and the conversation just flows. You don’t have to force a conversation. There aren’t long pauses of silence because you ran out of stuff to say in 10 minutes.  And when you are quiet, you’re processing what has been said. 
  2. When you leave them or finish talking to them, you look forward to talking to them again. 
  3. You are at peace with yourself and you do not feel uncomfortable around them at all. 
  4. It’s mutually uplifting and encouraging. 
  5. You have fun and laugh. 
  6. You can be with them alone without needing others around to add to the conversation because it gets awkward after a while when you don’t have anything to say. 
  7. There are no hidden agendas or hidden motives. You just like them for them and not what they can or can’t do for you.
  8. You want to see the best for them and you start looking for ways to add value and help them however you can. 
  9. You genuinely care about them and their well being. It’s not care for them on social media or for other eyes to see while ignoring them in private. 
  10. You don’t change or waiver even when others may not understand how y’all click so well.
  11. They don’t switch up on you when their other friends are around. They can balance having different friends who may even be different from you.
  12. You don’t have to dim your light but y’all both shine and aren’t intimidated by the gifts, talents, charisma, or personality of the other. It’s the differences that you are able to learn and glean from.
  13. You don’t use or manipulate them for your own personal greed or gain. 
  14. Y’all encourage and pull out the best in one another to be the greatest. 
  15. You listen to them and hear what their heart is saying and not saying. 
  16. The conversation is not one sided. No one wants to be around someone who only goes on and on about themselves and totally checks out when you share about you. 
  17. They are consistent. They don’t show up when it’s just convenient; they are consistent. 
  18. You will be able to push one another in areas of grow.
  19. You don’t have to sin or confirm to anything you don’t want to in order to be around them and still not be bored with them. Normalize not being boring and dry. 
  20. Who you are offline is just as loving, honest, and powerful as the person you are in real life. Normalize not being fake.

I know this added value to you and a quick checklist for you to evaluate the people around you.

Remember, every acceptance is not a good thing and every rejection is not a bad thing.

– The Student Teacher.

You can find more of these quotes and key phrases in my third book “The Student Teacher Quotes” @ https://prettyhealed.com/shop/the-student-teacher-quotes/

You can also tune in to my podcast @ blogtalkradio.com/thestudentteacher

Choose people who choose you.

The Licensed Real Estate Agent Sold Me An Illegally Renovated Property He Owned.

There is nothing more stressful than finding out the house you just purchased isn’t important than trust and integrity. You expect an agent to be someone you can trust to act with honesty and integrity.  This is what their code of ethics promises you.

Ms. Michelle Simmons with her three grand babies.

When you own your own home it’s hard to imagine that it could cause heartache or have such a negative impact on your life. There are certain things in life that we cannot ignore. Things like safety, quality, and authenticity. You cannot ignore it because they are crucial to your well-being.

After seeing property after property in her Prince George’s County Maryland neighborhoods with housing violations signs and then seeing the devastation caused by the collapse of the Champlain Towers South Beachfront Condominiums in Surfside, Florida back in June, a grandmother in Upper Marlboro was reminded of the fear she has been forced to live with every day for the past six years; the fear that the roof of her house may collapse.

Home is where the heart should be, but for this Maryland homeowner, it has instead turned out to be a nightmare after a licensed real estate agent sold her an illegally renovated property that he owned.

Michelle Simmons purchased her current home in 2015. The seller was a 10+ year veteran licensed real estate agent and investor. Her home was listed as being a completely remodeled 5-bedroom, 3-bathroom home. However, what she eventually learned was that the home was completely renovated but it was done without obtaining any of the required permits for the major structural, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC work done. Additionally, it was renovated without the use of licensed contractors. Both renovating using unlicensed contractors and not obtaining inspections and permits are a complete violation of Maryland’s and Prince George’s County real estate laws.

After laboring for justice with her case for six years, this grandmother feels as if the state and county instead of protecting her, have failed her. The structural damage, the electrical damage, and the plumbing damage haunts her every day. She can’t get any licensed contractor to take on the re-renovation. Ms. Simmons was told that most licensed contractors will not re-do unlicensed work.

Ms. Simmons has spent much energy and money with repairs that were told to her by the seller were done. The agent assured her of a home that was on the market as a completely remodeled home.  Ms. Simmons has also spent an enormous amount of time and financial resources attending and requesting hearings and meetings that have included The Maryland State’s Real Estate Association, The Maryland State’s Real Estate Commission, and The Prince George’s County Department of Permitting and Inspection.

What Did Ms. Simmons Do?

Ms. Simmons filed for mediation, as stipulated in her sales contract, but the agent/investor refused to participate in the mediation. She later learned that mediation is not mandatory in the State of Maryland.  This conflicts with licensed realtors that Ms. Simmons has spoken with that believe mediation is mandatory.  If not, why is the clause even in the residential sales contract?

Ms. Simmons now can’t sell her home without losing money and she fears staying in the home. Fear because of the compromised trellises and the subfloor damaged by the load bearing wall removal that could collapse any time as the cracks in the walls continue to grow. How devastating for a woman, sister, friend, and grandmother to be subjected to this every single day?

Others Who Have Had Similar Concerns

What is more heart wrenching is there have been numerous cases throughout the years with similar complaints. After thorough research and diligent reading, Ms. Simmons discovered many Maryland homeowners who found themselves in situations with their newly purchased homes.  Ms. Michelle Simmons personally visited, a white Baltimore County homeowner, who filed a similar case after she purchased her home the same year as Ms. Simmons in 2015.

Both this Baltimore County homeowner and Ms. Simmons had the same benefit of home inspections. Both homeowners discovered damages shortly after moving into their homes and both women filed complaints with the State of Maryland. The white homeowner discovered as she moved into her home an issue with flooding in her yard that the owner agent did not disclose to her. Ms. Simmons discovered structural, electrical damage, and plumbing damage. The complaints in these two claims were almost the exact same.  Why was one successful and the other not? Why did the Assistant State’s Attorney become so angry over what happened to the white homeowner, but told the black homeowner that her claim should never have been brought before the commission? 

Both seller agents for the homeowners were white and had the same experience buying, selling, and renovating properties. Both homeowner agents were investigated by the Commission. However, only the white homeowner owner agent was penalized and/or sanctioned by the Commission. The owner agent that sold Ms. Simmons, an African American woman, her home was mysteriously released from any penalties and sanctions although the Commission had ruled after their investigation, the agent had indeed violated Maryland law for negligent hiring of unlicensed contractors and failing to disclose know latent defects.

Ms. Simmons Is Looking For A Resolve

Ms. Simmons is looking for a resolve in the purchase of her dream home as well as justice to be served fairly and without partiality. She never thought she would be facing her retirement years with such debt and uncertainty.

In addition to Ms. Simmons’s research, she has found many disparities of handling claims and access to the Guaranty Fund with the many claims that have been filed. Where is the law’s that are supposed to protect consumers or do they only exist for select residents? 

Among the many cases that have be filed and heard before The Maryland Real Estate Commissions, there are five individual cases that I am including here to further back this story. They all were Maryland homeowners who filed and won their cases due to negligent and unethical practices by real estate brokers or agents. Bonnie Cruea, Vanessa Gonzalez Varma, Clyde Witherspoon, Tabitha Jones, and Alana Hill all share one thing in common; the fact findings in their cases were deemed inappropriate, illegal, and unethical by their real estate broker or seller.

Unethical practices and withholding pertinent information about the property Ms. Simmons purchased should not go unnoticed either. What makes her case any less important than the other cases? Is it because of race or is there another reason?

While six years have already passed, Ms. Michelle Simmons is determined to keep fighting so no other mother, grandmother, or homeowner lives through a nightmare such as this.  She has become more vigilant about reporting suspicious renovations in her neighborhood.  So much so, she has been able to stop multiple illegally renovated homes from being sold.  Prince George’s County is having major issues with illegally and poorly renovated homes.  This is a state and county issue but neither of them seems to care enough to address it.

What Can You Do?

When you buy a property, you are making an investment. To protect your investment, you must be thoroughly informed about the property. I want to urge you to use your realtor to the utmost. Once you have found a property, make sure you check the quality of the home early on. If possible, hire a private investigator to investigate the property. Make sure you check the structural integrity of the property using the most advanced technology available today. This will not only protect your investment, but it will also protect your life.

If you would like more information about Ms. Simmons’s story, if you would like to help spread her story through the various media outlets, or if you would like to share your homeownership experience with her, kindly send her an email @divinesista_20785@yahoo.com.

https://www.facebook.com/754965819/videos/1126639477864294/ Please take some time to watch her interview and share it with others. Click the link below to watch it on facebook @ or on youtube @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hbUyw_AVx2I.

Queens of Purpose Founder & Single Mother of 8 Children, Sonserria Coates, Pens Chapter In Amazon Best Selling Book While Working, Training, & Instructing

Simene’ always emphasizes that books are seeds. What has harvested since planting your story?

Since planting my story healing has taken place and allowed me to go forth in purpose. 

What things are you looking forward to harvesting in the near future?

I am now offering opportunities for others to begin their healing process.

In two years, someone will gift you the trip of your life. Where are you going? Who are you taking? How long do plan to stay?

I am going to Italy. I am taking all of my children, Daphney Barnes and Stefanie Burrell. We will be there for 2 weeks.

What is on the horizon for you in 2021 and beyond?

Another book is on the horizon, ministry, and Daddylessgirl is a project that will help countless women heal from growing up without their father’s.

Unmute Yourself Power Quote

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you. Maya Angelou Never be afraid to share your pain. You don’t go through suffering for you, it’s to help someone else.

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The Lady Who Waited 50 Years To Tell Her Story: Author Lantoinette M. Clarke

Simene’ always emphasizes that books are seeds. What has harvested since planting your story?

I have been able to encourage and inspire many women to join me on the road to freedom.  Telling my story has motivated many women I have encountered.  They have expressed how my story is so much like their story and has given them hope and courage.

What things are you looking forward to harvesting in the near future?

In January, I will revive this group called “Daughters of Zion.”  This is a group of young ladies (13+) whom I mentor and guide through issues they may encountered in life.  We also learn how to live in freedom and be the queen God intends for us to be.

In two years, someone will gift you the trip of your life. Where are you going? Who are you taking? How long do plan to stay?

Dubai with my husband and I plan to stay two weeks.

What is on the horizon for you in 2021 and beyond?

In 2021 I plan to start a YouTube channel titled “Freedom”.  I want to spread the joy of living in freedom.  I want to encourage many to live a life of freedom.  I want to start a Freedom Crusade.  I also plan to write a children’s book in the near future.  I want to continue to grow our 4:00 a.m. Prayer Line I started 5 years ago.  You can find us every morning at 4:00 a.m. (CST) @ 605-475-3250 access code: 276999.   We are praying and interceding for our nation, our brother, our sister, our love ones, and many other prayer requests. Prayer is imperative!

Unmute Yourself Power Quote


Before, I never wanted anyone to really look at me. I was ashamed and embarrassed with a slew of emotions as to why I never wanted to be noticed or gazed upon. I was afraid people would see the damage inside and judge me accordingly or keep me in that darkness. Unmuting has revealed the authentic me. Now, I am okay with people looking at me because I am free and I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Because I am fearfully and wonderfully made, I am worth looking at. So, LOOK AT ME!

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